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Rules and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Basic rules

1. FNEmpire is an investment company operating under certain rules and conditions to which all program participants must adhere.

2. The FNEmpire Company is obliged to provide services to the participants of the program under these rules.

3. Program participants must be familiar with these rules and follow them at all times.

4. Visitors to the https://fnempire.net website who want to become a program member must register and create a personal account.

5. Individuals of legal age in their country of residence who do not violate the laws of their country of residence have the right to participate in the program.

6. By creating a personal account, the program participant acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the current rules, undertakes to comply with them, and agrees to the processing of his/her personal data according to the companys Privacy Policy.

7. The FNEmpire administration reserves the right to amend or supplement these rules at any time. Each program participant will be notified of such changes.

Terms of investing

1. FNEmpire provides investment services solely according to these rules.

2. All financial transactions conducted on https://fnempire.net are considered private transactions between the company and program participants.

3. Each program participant chooses the investment offer, the term of investment, the size of the deposit, and other related parameters provided by the company at his or her sole discretion. To avoid misunderstandings, a participant should be careful in selecting investment offers. For "Daily" investment plans, interest is accrued daily. For "After" plans, interest is credited to the participants account at the end of the investment term of the particular plan, the basic deposit amount will be included in the profit. In the case of "Daily" plans, the basic deposit amount is not included in the profit, it will be returned at the end of the investment term.

4. To deposit, the program participant can choose any of the payment systems available on the website.

5. Each program participant has the right to fully participate in the affiliate program, regardless of whether he or she has an active investment.

Terms of service and support for program participants

1. The FNEmpire Company undertakes to ensure the stable operation of the https://fnempire.net website and provide program participants with unimpeded access to their personal accounts.

2. The FNEmpire Company ensures the safety of funds of the program participants, undertakes to make timely payments on deposits and rewards of the affiliate program according to the current regulations.

3. The company administration undertakes to provide quality and timely technical support to both visitors to the https://fnempire.net website and existing program participants.

4. The website visitor has the right to create only one account. Having multiple accounts is prohibited!

5. The program participant agrees to create the most complex password possible for his/her personal account and never share his/her personal information with third parties.

6. Each program participant has the right to use any of the investment offers offered by the company and participate in the Affiliate Program.

7. The website visitor/program participant has the right to contact the support service at any convenient time and get the information or other help he/she needs. You can do this through the support form or other available methods. Courtesy and cultural manners are encouraged as they contribute to mutual understanding and a quick problem resolution.

8. Program participants are not allowed to share untrue information that could be detrimental to the company.

9. The use of such advertising as SPAM is strictly prohibited. Such advertising harms the companys reputation and cannot contribute to a positive financial environment.

Privacy Policy

Given the realities of todays rhythm of life, any information has value. FNEmpire completely understands the importance of protecting the personal data of each program participant. A participant that started working with us, can be sure of the confidentiality and protection of his or her data. To protect collected data from third parties, the company administration employs advanced and reliable technologies that reduce the risk of information leakage.

The program participant should know that aside from the data he or she provides when creating a personal account (e-mail, username, password, etc.), our analytics system also collects additional data about each website visitor (IP address, operating system, device location, Internet service provider, browser, etc.). All this data is considered personal and is securely protected from access by unauthorized persons.

All collected personal data of program participants is stored in compliance with the current rules of data storage and is protected by the company. This data will never be published, sold, or disclosed to third parties.

FNEmpire will use the email address provided by the visitor during registration, as a tool to notify you of all program changes. These include company news, promotions, updates, personal account security, warnings about changes in the programs terms of use, as well as other important messages.

Company Number 13196176
78 Chatterton Road, London, United Kingdom, N4 2EA
Company Number 13196176
78 Chatterton Road, London, United Kingdom, N4 2EA